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We are here for Monroe County’s children

From birth through age five, children are growing, learning and taking on new challenges just about every waking moment. While the pace of early childhood development varies, most kids reach certain milestones at about the same time. One in six children, however, experience developmental disabilities or delays. We are here to help provide extra support, so all of our children can reach their fullest potential. 

We are here for Monroe County’s families

Raising a young child with developmental disabilities or delays is hard. We work with our community partners to make sure the needs of your whole family, in addition to your child, are front and center in everything we do. We listen to you, collaborate with you, and offer guidance, training and resources you can use to help your child succeed.

Learn more about our programs

Early Intervention Services (For children under 3)

Preschool Special Education (For children age 3 – 5)