Human Services - Letters of Support

Instructions for submitting requests to the Department of Human Services Can be found here.

Monroe County Department of Human Services (MCDHS) has established the following process outlined below, for organizations seeking a letter of support (LOS). 


  1. The applicant must submit a formal written request for LOS to MCDHS.
  2. Emailed requests are preferred and can be submitted to: [email protected].
  3. For requests sent by mail, please note, MCDHS will need 10 business days from receipt to review the request.  Please allow additional days for mail receipt.  Requests can be mailed to:

    Commissioner’s Office
    111 Westfall Road
    Rochester, NY  14620
  4. The request must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the grant application deadline.  An exception to the submission deadline may be made if the applicant demonstrates good cause for a reduced time frame. 
  5. The request must include:
    1. Name and address of the organization the letter of support should be directed to;
    2. If applicable, total dollars being requested, including any in–kind commitment to the program;
    3. Brief overview of the requesting organization;
    4. Contact information for the requesting organization;
    5. Specific information about the grant you are applying for or other reason for the LOS.  Please indicate if your request requires support from MCDHS and provide documentation of such.
    6. Please indicate if this is a competitive process.  If so, is the competition local, statewide or national?
    7. A proposal copy, abstract or other material that describes the project/program/grant award.
    8. The deadline for submission of the LOS to your agency/organization.
  6. The request will be reviewed with MCDHS and a decision will be made as to the appropriateness of providing a LOS.  For those that are approved, MCDHS will prepare the LOS and forward it to funder and/or requesting organization.

    A request for a LOS must be submitted to MCDHS no less than 10 business days prior to the application deadline.  MCDHS reserves the right to not provide a LOS if the request does not conform to the submission guidelines outlined in this procedure.  In those situations where MCDHS provides a LOS, it must be recognized that MCDHS is neither a partner nor a required assuring entity for the project.

    MCDHS will review requests carefully and will give each request serious consideration, reviewing as appropriate the programmatic, fiscal, and administrative aspects of the proposal, the anticipated outcomes for the population served, as well as the need for the proposed service.  MCDHS recognizes if organizations are successful in obtaining grants and projects they may be able to support and/or enhance services consistent with the MCDHS mission, thereby improving lives of MCDHS clients.  For this reason MCDHS may wish to provide a LOS.  Requesting organizations/agencies are encouraged to inform MCDHS of the success of their grant proposals and projects.