Lehigh Valley Trail Park

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Park Information

This 15-mile linear trail park is located in the southern-most portion of Monroe County, beginning at the Genesee River and extending through the Towns of Rush and Mendon to the Ontario County Line, and extending north to the Town of Henrietta.

A lone cyclist on the linear trail
Image:Jessica Tump/traillink.com

Location and Directions

The trail can be accessed in the Towns of Rush and Mendon, as well as by crossing roads such as East River, Plains, Quaker Meeting House, Chamberlin, West Bloomfield or Mile Square Roads.

Common Recreation Activities at Lehigh Valley Trail

Stevens-Connor Lehigh Valley Lodge - Available For Rent

Reserve Lodge


Exterior of the Stevens-Connor lodge Kitchen area - Stevens-Connor lodge Fireplace area - Stevens-Connor lodge Another view of the kitchen area - Stevens-Connor lodge Main gathering area - Stevens-Connor lodge Main gathering area showing bar area - Stevens-Connor lodge

Rules and Regulations

  • Lehigh Valley Park has a carry in-carry out rule, which means you must take all your garbage with you for disposal after leaving the park.
  • All pets must be leashed and you are responsible for cleaning up after them.