Mental Health - Socio-Legal Services

The Socio-Legal Center coordinates and facilitates services for persons with mental illness in the criminal justice system, bringing together agencies with a shared interest in ensuring that this population receives appropriate services. Monroe’s Assisted Outpatient Treatment (“AOT” or “Kendra’s Law”), Transition Management and Medication Grant Programs are also operated at the Socio-Legal Center.


The Socio-Legal Center offers mental health evaluations and consultations to Monroe County’s courts and other criminal justice related agencies as required by New York State Mental Hygiene Law.

  • Court Consultations—Provides mental health evaluations and commentary to presiding town, city, county, and supreme court judges.
    • Criminal Justice Consultations—Provides mental health evaluations and commentary to the Department of Probation, Division of Parole, Pre-Trial Services and other agencies.
    • Examinations of Competence—The Center provides formal replies to requests for examinations of competence under CPL §730.
    • Consultations Regarding Developmentally Disabled Offenders, providing consultation regarding individuals with developmental disabilities who have been charged with a crime
  • Transition Management—Provides specialized case management services to assist persons with serious mental illness after release from the Monroe County Jail. Transition management assists the person to successfully connect with treatment and supportive services.
  • Medication Grant Program—Provides temporary coverage for the cost of medications for individuals with a mental illness who leave the local jail or a local hospital, or who return to Monroe County from a state prison, and have applied for Medicaid (Chapter 15 of Kendra’s Law). The Medication Grant program provides funding to counties to pay for the individual’s mental health medications (and some other medications) while they await activation of their Medicaid case.
  • Training and Consultation—for law enforcement, courts, and criminal justice agencies.

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