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 Scott McCarty, Operations Manager-GIS

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Services Division manages Monroe County’s interagency GIS program. The GIS Services Division provides leadership, coordination, infrastructure, education and a variety of services to realize the full potential of a Community GIS. The mission of the GIS Services Division is to develop a fully integrated GIS that will support the needs of all Monroe County Departments, the City of Rochester, and local towns and villages. The division fosters countywide access to current, accurate spatial information and the elimination of duplication of effort.

Regional Vision

Monroe County started the investment in GIS in 1998 when the Department of Planning and Community Development began mapping environmental features, the Environmental Services Department mapped sewers, and the Office of Real Property Tax Service (Finance) learned the benefits of a GIS for the maintenance of tax parcels. In January of 2000, many of the County’s GIS functions where consolidated with the formal creation of the GIS Services Division. The division was formed to promote and educate County departments, towns and villages on GIS and to plan and implement its use throughout Monroe County.

GIS Services is one of five divisions (along with Pure Waters, Solid Waste, Engineering, Fleet Maintenance) comprising the   Monroe County Department of Environmental Services (DES).

Website Overview

This GIS section of the Monroe County website contains many resources which are available to residents of the community. You can access all of the sections through the links on the left side of the webpage. In addition to the many Maps which can be found, there is also information pertaining various Technologies we employ, Contact Information, as well as Records and Data. Take a look around and feel free to contact us at any time.