The Monroe County Seal

Emblem Description

A circle or wheel with a hub that symbolizes the City of Rochester and with nineteen spokes radiating from the circle or hub that symbolize the nineteen towns in Monroe County. The words “COUNTY OF MONROE” shall be lettered across the top of the circle and the words “STATE OF NEW YORK” lettered across the bottom of the circle.

The hub section of the circle or wheel shall be divided into quadrants representing government, industry, education and county growth.

  • The lamp of learning shall symbolize education (upper right quadrant).
  • Skilled industry shall be reflected in the lenses, diaphragm and gear (lower right quadrant).
  • Civic Center buildings (upper left quadrant) shall symbolize public services.
  • Wavy lines under the buildings shall represent the Genesee River and Lake Ontario.
  • A fruit tree, symbolizing agricultural growth, shall be superimposed on the outline of the county (lower left quadrant).

Such emblem shall be used for all authorized and requisite governmental purposes.

Monroe County Seal Graphic