DA Conviction Integrity Unit

In the spring of 2019, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley created the Monroe County District Attorney’s Conviction Integrity Unit. This includes a group of nine to eleven members, including a Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) Coordinator, Assistant District Attorneys, defense attorneys, a retired judge, a current or former investigator of the Rochester Police Department, a current or former investigator of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, a current or former investigator of a law enforcement agency, a civilian volunteer from the community and one alternate. 

All incoming letters claiming innocence on behalf of convicted defendants, and all New York State Criminal Procedure Law 440 motions claiming actual innocence will be forwarded to and reviewed by the CIU Coordinator. Claims of actual innocence based upon newly discovered evidence, misidentification, witness recantation, informant/truthfulness, and meaningful claims of alibi will be forwarded to the CIU Coordinator for review.  These claims will also be forwarded to the First Assistant District Attorney for review.  The First Assistant District Attorney will conduct an additional review, separate and apart from the CIU Coordinator and will issue his/her findings to the CIU Coordinator.  The CIU Coordinator will decide what claims shall actually go to the Committee. Motions requesting scientific testing will be reviewed by the CIU Coordinator and brought before the Committee. 

In a case where the necessary level of review causes it to come before the Committee, there will be an initial review of the facts of the case and the grounds currently alleged.  After such initial review, the Committee will take whatever additional actions are reasonably necessary to resolve the claim. This may mean that a full re-investigation is warranted. 

Case Review Application

If you have been convicted of a crime prosecuted by the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office, you must complete and sign this Application in order to request to have your case considered for review by this office’s Conviction Integrity Unit.

Please provide as much information as you can in support of your application. Please note that this Office cannot represent or advise you in this matter. Attorney-client privilege does not apply to the information you share with this office.

Please send all application materials or questions on how to apply to: 

CIU Coordinator
47 S. Fitzhugh Street
Rochester, NY 14614


Email to ConvictionIntegrity@monroecounty.gov