Purchasing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Once my company is on the county’s bidders list, will I automatically receive all appropriate specifications by mail?

No, Monroe County has an extensive bidders list for most material groups. A reasonable number of specifications are mailed to bidders who bid the material group previously or suggested vendor listings from the county end users. A list of current bids available is listed on the upcoming bids portion of our website. We also advertise each Friday in the Rochester Business Journal and the Daily Record.

Q. How do I go about contacting end users in County departments to make them aware of my product line or services I provide?

Vendors may contact the general numbers of the departments listed on the Monroe County website and ask the receptionist to direct them to the appropriate person responsible for purchasing that particular product or service.

Q. How can I get my company on the county’s bidder’s list?

Your company will be added to the county’s vendor database by downloading and completing the New Vendor Registration Form (XLSX). Your application communicates to the Purchasing Department what commodities and/or services your company can provide. It should be emphasized that public bids are posted on the County’s website every Friday and it is your responsibility to frequent this site.

Q. Does Monroe County have a procurement policy?

A. Yes, a copy of Monroe County's procurement policy is available in the Purchasing Office or can be viewed online: 

Q. Can we fax in our quotes?

Yes, a facsimile with a signature is an appropriate format for a response to a Request for Quotations.

Q. Can we fax in our response to a public bid?

No, a faxed copy of your bid is unacceptable. Pursuant to State Law, all bids must be received in a sealed envelope, and publicly opened and read and must contain an original signature on the bid.

Q. Are late bids accepted?

No, each bid is time stamped and we will not accept late bids. Purchasing is not responsible for any mail service disruptions or the availability of parking for bidders who wait until the last minute to submit their bids. Bidders should make an effort to either mail their bid, allowing extra time for delivery, or allow time to find parking if they plan to bring it in for the bid opening.

Q. May I send a check for the public works bid specifications after I receive them in the mail?

No, county policy requires that the check be in the county’s possession at the time the bid specifications are released. For this reason, a faxed copy of your check is not acceptable. For your convenience, the County accepts both MasterCard or VISA to pay the specification deposit.

Q. What is the difference between a purchase contract and a public works contract?

A purchase contract applies to the procurement of commodities (e.g., equipment, material, supplies) and public work refers to contracts consisting primarily of labor and construction. The public bidding limits is $20,000 and $35,000 respectively.

Q. Is my spec deposit refundable?

Yes, under the following circumstances:

  • Specifications deposits are returned only to those prospective bidders who submit bids to the county and have returned their specifications unmarked and in good condition within 30 days of the bid award.
  • If you return the specifications in good condition and unmarked at least seven (7) days prior to the bid opening.

Q. Can anyone other than county departments buy off county contracts?

Yes, bid specifications with the other agencies clause requires the winning bidder to honor the prices, terms and conditions of this contract with any and all municipalities, school districts, fire districts and other district or public authority within Monroe County. Contracts that eligible agencies may use are included in our contract section.