Bulky Plastic Items

Bulky Plastic Items Illusatrations

Large, bulky 100% plastic items that are too large for curbside recycling are accepted at ecopark during all operating hours.

  • Plastic Bins
  • Milk Crates
  • Plastic Lawn Furniture
  • Large Kids Toys
  • Etc.

Items with metal, fabric or components other than plastic must be dissassembled! Currently a restriction on the scrap plastics market has caused shipments of bulky plastic material from recyclers, like ecopark, to be rejected and landfilled because of the presence of metal, fabric, paper and trash. In order to ensure that our bulky plastic material is recycled, we need to increase the quality of our outgoing material and ensure that only 100% plastic materials are included.

Toters, toys and all other multi-material items must be stripped of metal and fabric components at home prior to bringing to ecopark for recycling. If any of these items are in good condition please donate them instead of recycling. Hoses of any kind and vinyl siding are not considered bulky plastic, will cause a load of recyclables to be rejected, and are therefore NOT accepted.

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Plastic Toys

Plastic toys without any metal, electronic, or battery components are accepted in bulky plastics recycling. Consider donation instead if the item is in good condition.