Office of Community Engagement & Partnerships (OCEP)

 Donette Scott, Chief Community Engagement Officer 

The Monroe County Department of Human Services is a complex agency that may present challenges to those in the community who are in need of public benefits and other services provided by the Department.  Recognizing the potential for difficulties and the value of information, The Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships seeks to broaden community knowledge of MCDHS programs and procedures. The Office also seeks to collaborate with our Community Partners to improve understanding of public benefits and available services, resulting in improved access to Department services.  The Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships will act as a bridge, connecting all DHS Divisions to the Monroe County Community.  Requests can be made through the OCEP office to facilitate, organize and/or deliver presentations or forums to interested stakeholders throughout Monroe County. 

Our Mission

The Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships seeks to develop, promote, and enhance mechanisms for increased collaboration, communication, and supports with internal and external partners as well as consumers and potential consumers of Agency services.

Our Vision

The Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships helps to create an informed community, empowered to access and utilize resources offered by the Monroe County Department of Human Services, helping to build healthy children and families.


The Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships (OCEP) is a resource and bridge connecting all Divisions within MCDHS and our Monroe County community. 

Our Community Outreach Specialists respond to residents by:

  • Creating and sharing information on MCDHS services
  • Working to strengthen the collaboration between MCDHS and our community partners
  • Attending neighborhood meetings to address questions and concerns from residents
  • Connecting with community leaders to address concerns


Requests for presentations (remote or in person), tabling or materials for the following Divisions can be requested though this process:  Office for the Aging, Child and Family Services, Children’s Detention Center, Financial Assistance, Office of Mental Health and the Rochester/Monroe County Youth Bureau.

  • Adult Protective Services
    • Overview of the roles and responsibilities of APS, including how to make a referral, what the Intake and Assessment processes entail, characteristics of vulnerable adults and roles of those who might mistreat them.
  • Age Friendly/Livable Communities
    • Age-friendly communities allow people of all ages and backgrounds to thrive, enjoy, and have equal access to community amenities This presentation will provide information on the worldwide movement on how to make communities such as ours, more age-friendly and more livable for all.
  • Child and Family Services 101
    • Overview of the roles and responsibilities of Child Protective Services, explanation of legal language (minimal degree of care, imminent risk, preponderance of the evidence, Article 10, the difference between abuse and neglect, etc).  Reunification and concurrent planning, services provided to families, different types of permanency.
  • Child Care Assistance Program Overview
    • This overview will provide information on the operating policies and procedures regarding child care assistance available in Monroe County as well as helpful tips ffor all childcare providers who provide care for families utilizing childcare subsidies in Monroe County.
  • Community-based Aging Services and Supports
    • An informational overview on the array of community based services and supports available for older adults and their caregivers of any age.
  • DHS 101 (Financial Assistance Overview)
    • informative session will provide an opportunity to learn about DHS – FA Division policies and procedures including the public benefit application process. After attending this session, our community partners will have a greater understanding of DHS Financial Assistance policies, procedures, and helpful tools to assist clients through the process when needed.
  • Understanding PINS reform/Raise the Age Overview/Family Access and Connection Team (FACT) 
    • Overview of Raise the Age legislation, how Monroe County practice has changed as a result of the legislation, in  CFS (Child and Family Services or Child Protective services?) and in Probation. Discussion of the Family Support Center.  An overview of the Family Support Center, how it’s structured as a cross collaborative, cross systems response supporting families of youth at risk of PINS or JD Petition,  the types of services provided, who we serve, a focus on keeping youth in the community and with family – not in out of home and/or congregate care, and an overview of PINS Reform and RTA legislation.
  • Families First
    • General overview of the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) in Monroe County.  This federal law significantly transforms the foster care system by supporting interventions that promote foster placement with family or close friends (kin) rather than in group homes or institutions.

Presentations range from 45 minutes to 2 hours. If a presentation is not listed, please send an email to [email protected] and we will make every attempt to accommodate your request.

Presentation Request Form

Event Tabling

What Divisions are you requesting attend?
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Material Request

What types of materials and for what program/services are you in need of? 
Examples include posters and/or pamphlets regarding Safe Sleep, Mandated Reporting, Child Support, SNAP, HEAP, Child Care Assistance.