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Recycle Right! Alexa App

Need to know what items are recyclable curbside in Monroe County? 

Want to know what items are accepted at the Monroe County/WM ecopark? 

Now, there’s an app for that. 

Monroe County is the first in New York and among few municipalities nation-wide to launch an Alexa Skill which answers frequently asked recycling questions.

Working with Pittsford-based iCitizen, Monroe County Environmental Services developed the Alexa application to provide residents with answers to common questions regarding recycling. 

The free Monroe County Recycling skill can be easily enabled via the Alexa Skill Store by using an Amazon smart device or by downloading the Alexa app on an Apple or Android smart phone. Residents only need to say: “Alexa, open Monroe County Recycling.” 

When Alexa responds with “Welcome to Monroe County Recycling,” the skill is ready to answer questions such as: “Alexa, can I recycle electronics?” “Alexa, can I bring tires to the ecopark?” “Alexa, how do I recycle paint?” “Alexa, when is ecopark open?” and many others.

Additionally, the Alexa Monroe County Recycling Skill is available in eight languages, and the smart speaker application makes recycling information easily accessible to the visually impaired.  You can even hear media interviews or the latest newsletter by enabling notifications either through the Alexa app or on the Amazon skill page (click Manage Permissions). Your device will glow orange when there is  a new notification, ensuring you are always up to date with the latest recycling information! 

To see a demonstration of the Alexa Monroe County Alexa Recycling App, click on the video above. 

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