Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI)

33 N. Fitzhugh Street, Rochester, NY 14614

Community Collaboration for the Enhancement of Services

The Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) Division plans, implements, and monitors Monroe County’s ATI initiatives, grants, programs, policies and contracts. The ATI program utilizes services from community agencies including Pre-Trial Services Corporation of the Monroe County Bar Association.

Pre-Trial Services supports the ATI programs including: Pre-Trial Release, Pre-Trial Diversion, ATI Monitoring and Notification, Graduated Restrictions and Parole Relapse. For example: Pre-Trial Release operates as an alternative to bail for defendants held in custody if they are eligible for Release on Recognizance. Pre-Trial Diversion programming is an alternative for incarceration by offering assessment, counseling and referral services to eligible defendants, along with monitoring client progress.

For program information and/or eligibility, contact Pre-Trial Services at 585 454-7350.