Preschool Special Education Frequently Asked Questions

How does the CPSE evaluate my child?

Your local school district’s Committee on Preschool Special Education will give you a list of places you and your child can go for a free evaluation. The evaluator will ask questions to learn more about your child and listen to your concerns. He or she might want to visit your child at home or daycare. The evaluator will use this information to create a report for you and the CPSE. It will help the Committee and you decide what programs services could benefit your child.

Where and how often will my child receive services?

Most Preschool Special Education services are provided in your home, nursery school, or child care program. Sometimes children receive services at Pre-K, Head Start or a Special Education preschool. When your child becomes eligible for Preschool Special Education, you will meet with your local school district’s Committee on Preschool Education to talk about the location of services. The Committee will also determine how often your child will receive services.

Is transportation available for my child?

Transportation is available if your child attends a Preschool Special Education Classroom program, but we encourage you to drive your child as often as possible. This gives you an opportunity to spend time with your child, interact with school staff, and get to know the other parents and children in your child’s class. Parents and caregivers can receive mileage reimbursement for the days they drive their child to the program.