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Department of Transportation

6100 City Place
50 W. Main St.
Rochester, NY 14614

Phone: 585 753-7720
Fax: 585 753-7730

About Monroe County DOT

The Monroe County Department of Transportation is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of approximately 1,500 lane miles (665 centerline miles) of county-owned highways, 180 bridges, and 275 major culverts on the Monroe County highway system, and 785 traffic signals/flashers. In addition, the department is responsible for:

  • county-wide traffic, highway and bridge engineering;
  • county-wide road sign fabrication, installation and maintenance;
  • county-wide pavement marking;
  • installation and maintenance of all traffic control devices on county highways and streets within the City of Rochester;
  • highway permit issuance for construction activities along county highway right-of-ways;
  • assisting the towns and villages with traffic engineering needs upon request;
  • providing surveying and mapping services; and
  • administering the In Bloom and the ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY programs.

To accomplish its work, the department is divided into five divisions:

  1. Highway Engineering and Operations
  2. Bridge Engineering and Operations
  3. Traffic Operations and Permits
  4. Traffic Signal Engineering and Operations
  5. Project Planning and Administration

Mission Statement

We construct, operate and maintain a safe and efficient highway, bridge and traffic network to move people and goods throughout the County to enhance community growth, economic well-being and the quality of life.

Download the Monroe County DOT Highway Map (9mb PDF). Updated: 2/2019

Download the Monroe County DOT Posted Roads. Updated: 3/2019

Download the Monroe County Highway System Listing (159k PDF) Updated: 2/2017

Download the City of Rochester Traffic Volume Maps Updated: 5/2020

Download the Monroe County Traffic Volume Maps Updated: 5/2020

Moving Traffic Efficiently

We work with other government agencies and private sector business in our effort to keep the roadways of Monroe County safe and to help move traffic efficiently.

For your convenience, we have provided a listing of such agencies and businesses below.

Getting around in Monroe County is not difficult. Free or inexpensive parking for private vehicles is ample at many area businesses. For those citizens needing transportation assistance, the following is a partial listing of available transportation services in the area.

Community Involvement Opportunities

What Can I Do?

We offer a variety of ways that you or your organization can get involved in the community. Community beautification programs, such as ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY or In Bloom, not only improve the look of your neighborhood, but also provide an opportunity to develop team-building skills among the participants.

Monroe County In Bloom

Picture of flowers underneath Monroe County In Bloom sign.

Monroe County In Bloom is sponsored by the Monroe County and New York State Departments of Transportation and looks for community-minded companies, clubs, or organizations interested in beautifying Monroe County roadways. By planting flowers on highways within Monroe County and the State of New York right-of-ways, we improve our impression to travelers of our road system.

Getting involved is easy! Interested groups simply need to commit to a two-year period of planting and caring for their flower bed.

Work would include: preparing the soil, planting flowers, weeding, bordering mulching, composting and watering. In turn, Monroe County will provide the flowers, landscape design and initial soil preparation. An on-site program coordinator will assist you in roadside safety during initial preparation of your site.

For more information visit the FAQ section or call 585 753-7717.


The ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY program, a Monroe County Department of Transportation sponsored initiative, looks for community-minded companies, clubs, or organizations to signal their commitment to keeping Monroe County looking good by adopting stretches of highway and pledging to keep them litter-free.

Getting involved is easy. A group simply commits to taking care of a segment of highway for a two-year period. Work includes picking up trash, raking, even planting flowers. And there’s virtually no cost to the participating organization. We provide the garbage bags, safety vests, work zone signs and roadside trash pick-up service. The ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY program coordinator will even come to you to explain the program in greater detail and later to train your volunteers in the basics of highway safety and how to conduct a successful clean-up.

For more information visit the FAQ section or call 585 753-7717.

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Highway Permit Forms

Image of construction sign and road
Easy Access to the Highway Permit Forms You Need

Learn more about the various DOT permits in our Highway Access Guidelines section. Click any of the links below to download the desired permit form. For a copy of your annual permit or to request additional forms, please call 585 753-7710 for the main permit line.

Language Assistance

If information is needed for any person with a Limited English Proficiency, including people who need the information in another language, or people who need an interpreter is needed, contact Monroe County Department of Human Resources, by phone at 585 753-1700 or in person at Room 210, 39 W. Main Street, Rochester, NY 14614-1471 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.