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Monroe County. Growing Our Economy. Creating Jobs.

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The Planning and Development Department provides and coordinates a broad range of programs focusing on job retention and creation, employment and training services, land use planning and resource conservation as well as housing and neighborhood preservation. The department integrates planning services with economic and community development activities through partnerships with local governments and the private sector. The Planning and Development Department consists of several divisions which include Community Development, Economic Development, Planning Services, and Workforce Development.

The Department is also affiliated with the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency (COMIDA) and staffs the Monroe County Industrial Development Corporation (MCIDC).


Monroe County is a community of choice that is economically prosperous, healthy, safe, and fun. We attract employers, skilled workers, and visitors because our community offers:

  • Stable property taxes
  • Safe, secure neighborhoods
  • A wide range of recreational and cultural activities
  • Collaboration among the County’s municipalities to create a sound governmental infrastructure
  • Quality housing at affordable prices
  • Access to superior health care systems
  • Outstanding educational opportunities through a wide variety of institutions of higher learning

These factors make Monroe County a community where our children and grandchildren want to stay and raise their families.


We provide planning and development information and assistance, project administration, and employment services that improve the quality of life for County residents through public and private sector cooperation.