Photo of Michael Mendoza
Michael Mendoza,

Commissioner of
Public Health

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Protecting Your Health and Safety

The Monroe County Department of Public Health focuses on protecting the health and safety of our entire community. Through a wide range of services, we prevent disease, promote healthy habits and improve quality of life.

About Our Services

  • Addiction Services – Caring for individuals and families dealing with Substance Use Disorder.
  • Early Childhood Development – Helping babies and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities grow.
  • Environmental Health – Protecting people from natural and built hazards that threaten our health and safety.
  • Epidemiology and Disease Control – Preventing the spread of potentially dangerous viruses and bacterial infections in our community.
  • Maternal & Child Health – Improving the health and well-being of women, their children and families.
  • Medical Examiner – Investigating unexplained or suspicious deaths to determine the cause, and identifying trends in our community.
  • Nursing  – Safeguarding our community by administering immunizations; providing testing, treatment and care for sexual health and tuberculosis patients; and offering health and wellness education.
  • Public Health Preparedness  – Preparing for a quick response to public health emergencies, such as an outbreak of disease, a natural disaster, and bioterrorism.
  • Vital Records –  Providing copies of Monroe County birth and death records from 1880 to present.