Student LEAP: Leaders Engaging as Pollworkers

Student LEAP Logo Is this a paid position? 
Yes! Students make over $250 each election day.

 Can I add this experience to a resume?
Yes! Colleges and employers look for individuals that are civically engaged.

 Is this considered a legal absence from school?
Yes! When you turn in a parent/guardian consent form, you get a legal absence from school each election day you work. 

 How do I become a Poll Worker?
Sign up for a paid in-person or online training, and then sign up to work!

 What would I do as a Poll Worker?
Poll Workers are responsible for signing residents into their voting site, ensuring that they receive the correct ballot, and successfully cast their ballot.

  • Must be registered or preregistered to vote in Monroe County: Last day to register is October 26th (registration form must be received by the Board of Elections by October 26th
  • Attend one annual paid training either in-person or online
  • Poll Workers cannot be a candidate or the parent, spouse, or child of a candidate on the ballot within their respective districts
  • Have a working phone and email address and be available for communication with the Training Team

Email: [email protected]       
Phone: (585) 445-4472
General Election: November 5th