Transitioning to Preschool Special Education

Even after turning three-years-old, many children may continue to benefit from developmental support services. If your child is eligible, we will help you transition from Early Intervention services to Preschool Special Education services for children ages three through five. Planning for this transition usually begins long before your child’s third birthday.

Like the Early Intervention program, Preschool Special Education starts with a referral. If your child participates in Early Intervention services and you permit us, we will make the referral to your local school district. Once your child starts Preschool Special Education, your local school district becomes your partner instead of Monroe County.

Here are some great resources to help you understand the entire transition process:

If your child did not receive Early Intervention services, but you have concerns about his or her development, you can make your own referral to your local school district's Committee on Preschool Special Education. Here is CPSE contact information for school districts in Monroe County:

Contact Your CPSE