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Military Discharges

An honorably discharged Veteran of the United States Armed Forces is entitled to record their Discharge Certificate (DD-214) with the County Clerk’s Office where they reside under New York State Military Law §250.

Veterans can record their DD-214 with the Monroe County Clerk’s Office by bringing the original DD-214 into our office. Your DD-214 will be returned to you immediately and there is no cost to record the document. The document will be kept sealed from the public for your privacy.

Once recorded in the County Clerk’s Office, a certified copy of a DD-214 is available at any time to the Veteran. A certified copy of a Discharge is legally accepted as the original document. Many times a DD-214 is required to prove military service, establish entitlement of benefits or obtain certain discounts. Should the original DD-214 ever be misplaced or damaged, a copy may be obtained from our office. There is no charge to obtain a certified copy of your DD-214.

Monroe County Veterans Discount Card Program

The Monroe County Veterans Discount Card Program is an initiative between Monroe County, the Veterans Outreach Center and local merchants to provide discounted products and services to area Veterans who present the Discount Card.

Honorably discharged Veterans may obtain the card by visiting the Monroe County Clerk’s Office at 39 West Main Street with their Discharge papers (DD-214). A photo will be taken of the Veteran for their card and the card will be printed while you wait. There is no cost to obtain a Veterans Discount Card.

Currently there are close to 125 area merchants participating in the program and over 4,000 Veterans Discount Cards have been issued since the program began in November 2011.

This is only one small way that Monroe County can demonstrate its appreciation to our local Veterans.

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Information for Veterans Facing Challenges in their Everyday Lives, a website of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, connects Veterans, their family members and friends, and other advocates with mental health information, local resources, and Veterans’ own inspiring stories of recovery. Visitors can learn about the signs of mental health conditions or substance use problems and find sources of support. The site is free and accessible to everyone.

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For questions about recording your DD-214 or the Veterans Discount Card Program, please contact the Monroe County Clerk’s Office at 585-753-1600.