Tax Bill Information

Levy Descriptions On Monroe County Town and County Tax Bill

County Budget

  1. State and Federal Mandates are services that the County is either required to provide under State/Federal Law or State/Federal government funding requires these services to be provided.
    • Medicaid Tax funds an entitlement program that provides the cost of medical services for the elderly, disabled, and qualifying children and adults.
    • Other Social Services Mandates are programs which include Foster Care, Day Care, Safety Net, Family Assistance, Special Children’s Services, Youth Bureau services, Office for the Aging Services, and Mental Health Services.
    • Public Safety Mandates are included in the following departments: Public Safety, Sheriff, District Attorney (DA), and Public Defender (PD). Some of the services include all of the DA and PD offices, Unified Court System, Probation, County Jail, Civil Bureau of the Sheriff’s Office, and Court Security.
    • Other Mandated Services include State/Federal Mandates exclusive of the Social Services and Public Safety Mandates identified above. Some of the services include Monroe Community College as well as services provided by the Public Health Department.
  2. Total State and Federal Mandates is the total of the County budget items listed above.
  3. General County Services are the additional services provided by the County exclusive of those required by State/Federal Law. Some of the services include Sheriff’s road patrol, County roads and bridges, County Parks, 911 Communication Center, and staff departments.
  4. Total County Budget is the sum of the Total State and Federal Mandates and the General County Services.
  5. Sales Tax Credit—(Town) represents the share of total sales tax collections credited to towns (outside of villages). Whereas villages and the City of Rochester receive their total allocation of sales tax in cash, property owners in towns receive a portion of their sales tax as a credit, which reduces their property tax bill.
  6. Net Amount Due for Budget is equal to the Total County Budget line less the Sales Tax Credit amount.
  7. County Services—Localities consist of charges for Mutual Aid Fire Training, Election Expenses, Tax Roll and Bill Preparation, etc. which, under State Law, may be charged back to specific municipalities through assessments against property in those municipalities.

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