MCVDCP Frequently Asked Questions


As part of the Monroe County Veterans Discount Card Program, the County Clerk’s office will issue eligible county residents an I.D. card, identifying them as a qualified, honorably discharged veteran of any of the U.S. Armed Forces. Any honorably discharged military veteran residing in Monroe County may get their Monroe County Veterans Discount Card by bringing his or her Military Discharge Papers, DD214, to the County Clerk’s office, located at 39 West Main Street, Room 101, Rochester, New York 14614. Your new card will be issued to you on the spot. Walk-ins welcome.

Q. How do I participate in this program?

A. To participate, all you have to do is file an original or certified copy of your Discharge Papers (Form DD214) with the Office of the County Clerk, who will take a photograph of you and an official Monroe County Veterans ID Card will be issued to you on the spot. You may then present your card to participating merchants when you make a purchase and receive a discount or other special offer.

Q. How do I get an official Monroe County Veteran ID Card?

A. To obtain a card, you can stop in any time Monday through Friday at the Office of the County Clerk from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please bring your discharge papers with you.

Q. I am currently in the Reserves but would like to receive these discounts. Do I have to apply for a Monroe County Veterans Discount Card to receive these discounts?

A. No. You may present a copy of your military ID card at participating merchants to receive the discounts. 

Q. What if you have already filed a copy of your Discharge (Form DD214) with the County Clerk?

A. Then you do not have to provide another copy. All you need to present is your photo ID (Driver’s License, for example) to the County Clerk to receive the Veterans Discount Card. (We recommend you call the County Clerk first at 585 753-1600 to ensure your papers are on file).

Q. What if my DD214 is not already recorded at the County Clerk’s Office?

A.  If your discharge has not been recorded, or you are not sure whether it has, bring an original or Certified Copy of your DD214 to the County Clerk and it will be photocopied and recorded. Your original will be returned to you.

Q. My DD214 contains personal information that I do not wish to make public. Will my information be protected?

A. Yes. These records will only be released to the veteran or his/her family, upon notarized consent from the veteran.

Q. Is there any cost to participate in the program?

A. No. Participation in the program is free.

Q. Where can I use my Monroe County Veteran ID Card?

A. Please click here to see a list of participating merchants and to see the discounts they are offering. As new merchants join the program this list will be constantly updated on the website so check back periodically.