Campaign Finance

Campaign Finance graphicFinancial Disclosure Statements

NY State Election Law requires candidates and their political committees to file Financial Disclosure Statements.

Each candidate or political committee is required to file at least two times a year.  In a year in which the candidate is running at least three additional filings are required and if the candidate is in a primary three more filings are required.

The New York State Board of Elections receives all filings of state parties and all political committees supporting candidates for offices. The state requires these filings in an electronic format created by software available on their website. For information on how to set up those campaign committees, forms and state software, or to see information about their filing, go to the New York State Board of Elections website.

IRS Requirements

For all campaign committees there may be some IRS requirements. They can be found at the Internal Revenue Service website.

Filing Forms and Handbook

New York State Board of Elections website

2024 Filing Calendar 

2024 Public Campaign Finance Board Program Calendar

  • The NYS Board of Elections is conducting webinars to help campaign finance filers set-up and utilize the new Electronic Filing System (EFS) as well as webinars providing information updates of NYS Election Law requirements.

Federal Campaign Committees

For federal committees (i.e., President, US Senate and Congress) you can find information at the Federal Election Commission website.

Campaign Contribution Limits

Giving and receiving limits from the NYS BOE website.

Click here to review ruling by the New York State Board of Elections regarding Rochester City School District campaign finance filing.