The Adoption Team

Our team is comprised of caseworkers who will assist you in identifying and learning about our children in need of an adoptive home. Our goal is to find a permanent family for each of our freed children; a family where children can grow and thrive in a close, loving environment. The team’s wide ranging skills will help you access any services you may need to help you and your child create a warm, loving and long lasting relationship.

For more information call 585 753-6084 or fax us at 585 753-6649.

Adoption Information

Children Currently Waiting for Adoption

All children who are available for adoption are children who are currently in foster care. They have been freed from their birth parents by court order. Children who are waiting “forever” in families range in age from 3 years to 17 years. Some of the children have physical and/or emotional issues which they continue to address in their daily functioning. We strongly feel that  children stand a much better chance of dealing with their issues successfully in a loving, caring “forever” family.

Most waiting children are eligible to receive a subsidy. A subsidy is money which is paid to the adopting parent until the child is 21 years old. This money helps adoptive parents pay for services the child may need because of the emotional or physical trauma the child has experienced. Waiting children are also eligible for Medicaid coverage until they are either 18 years old or 21 years old. A child qualifies for a subsidy because she or he is diagnosed by a qualified professional, e.g. a Medical Doctor, a Psychiatrist, or a Psychologist as having either a physical or emotional handicap which seriously affects their functioning and will be something they will need to deal with for most or all of their childhood. A child might also qualify for a subsidy because New York State determines that the child would be hard to place in a “forever” family. You can find a detailed explanation of subsidy and medical coverage on New York State’s website.