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Real Property

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 Phone: 585 753-1125
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** If you have a question regarding the amount of taxes due for a property-

Please call the Treasury Department at 585-753-1200**

 Timothy Murphy, Director

Real Property Tax Service Office

Real Property Tax Service (RPTS) maintains assessment rolls, apportions the county levy among the 21 assessing jurisdictions in the county, advises local assessors on procedural and legal changes, updates tax maps, processes title change data and reviews both new subdivision and re-subdivision maps for filing.

RPTS also investigates applications for correction of assessment errors as well as refunds, calculates tax rates on behalf of the towns, special benefit districts, Pure Waters Agency and various special or delinquent charges.

RPTS calculates the apportionment of the semi-annual mortgage tax distribution, prepares tax warrants and state mandated reports, and participates in the training of local assessors. RPTS supports an on-line assessment processing system for the local assessors. RPTS processes Certificates of Residency for annual community college chargebacks to towns.

Real Estate activities, formerly within Environmental Services, are administered by the Director of Real Property Tax Service. Functions include: space allocation and utilization, leasing of space and facilities, lease management, and acquisition and disposition of real estate.

Real Property Portal

The Monroe County Real Property Portal is provided as a service to the citizens of our County.  It is made available for citizens to gain access to more information on their individual property as well as see information on taxes, historical sales and pay taxes online.

View Property Information and Pay Taxes Online

Learn More About The Real Property Tax Service 

To learn more about the Real Property Service and the factors for each assessment, the links below provide an overview of the factors, tables and information to help better understand the process.

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