Court Filings

Index Numbers

Index numbers are assigned to open a file where all later papers are kept and which bear that same number. Index numbers are assigned only to those actions and proceedings issued by the New York Supreme or Monroe County Courts.

The index application must be completed and filed at the Monroe County Clerk’s Office. The fee per number is $210.

Please remember that all instruments filed with the Monroe County Clerk’s Office must bear original signatures.

Civil Actions

A $210 check payable to the County Clerk for assigning an index number, starts a civil action proceeding. Please remember that instruments filed with the County Clerk’s Office must bear original signatures.

A civil action file may include court orders, affidavits, summons, complaints or any document pertaining to that action and bearing the assigned index number. If you do not know the index number assigned to your action, a $5 fee will be charged for every two years searched.

Note: For information on court dates, jury duty, bail bond hearings or small claims, please see the courts listed in the blue pages of your telephone book.

Picture of handcuffs.Criminal Proceedings

Individuals may not initiate criminal proceedings directly, therefore, if you wish to initiate a criminal proceeding please consult an attorney, law enforcement agency or the district attorney’s office.

The Monroe County Clerk’s Office is the source for criminal records filed by the New York State Supreme and Monroe County Courts. Only felony convictions are filed in the Monroe County Clerk’s Office. It will be helpful in locating a criminal file if you know the index number and year of filing. Only the parties involved and/or their counsel may have access to any sealed records, otherwise a court order for unsealing is required.

Federal, city and town proceedings are the responsibility of those government bodies and are not filed with this office.