Administration and Project Planning


 6100 City Place
50 W. Main Street
Rochester, NY 14614 MAP

 Phone: 585-753-7700
Fax: 585-753-7730
 [email protected]

T​​​he Monroe County DOT Administration and Project Planning division handles the following tasks, among others:

  • Legislature Referrals
  • Capital Improvement Project Programming and Planning
  • Genesee Transportation Council Board & Planning Committee
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Coordination

The division manages the planning phase of Department capital highway projects, and moderates the public participation component of capital highway projects and is one of the county representatives to the Genesee Transportation Council’s Board, TIP & Planning Committees. The division prepares the Department Capital Improvement Program, and solicits and tracks county, state and federal funding, including preparing the necessary applications. This division is also responsible for preparing the department’s Legislature referrals.

The Division manages the Department’s Human Resources responsibilities, oversees our financial information and department files.