Dangerous Materials

Call 911 in emergencies.


Asbestos fibers that become airborne (friable) when disturbed are dangerous if inhaled. Disposal should be done professionally. Contact a specialized contractor for removal and disposal information.

Explosives - Bullets, Flares, Gunpower, Etc.

Call 911 to properly dispose of explosives.

Radioactive Materials

For information on handling potentially radioactive materials, call the New York State Health Deptartment's 24-hour hotline at (518) 465-9720. In emergencies, call 911.

Illegal Drugs

Call 911 to properly dispose of illegal drugs.

For legal over-the-counter and prescription medications, see pharmaceutical waste collections

Shock Sensitive Materials (i.e. crystallized ethers, picric acid)

Call 911 to properly dispose of shock sensitive materials.