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Conflict Defender

Attention: Effective February 2023 - December 2024, Monroe County full-time employees will receive a $1,000 quarterly retention payment. Apply today. Another great reason to join the Monroe County workforce!

Location: Rochester, NY
Title: Conflict Defender
Deadline: May 10, 2023 3:46pm
Salary: $120,264 - $143,602 annually
Agency/Dept.: Public Safety (Conflict Defender's Office)

Description of Duties

This is a supervisory attorney position responsible for directing the functions, staff, and services of the Conflict Defender’s Office in the Department of Public Safety.  The Office is responsible for assigning attorneys to defendants who cannot be assigned a Public Defender due to a conflict of interest.  Duties involve developing and administering the systems, policies, practices, and procedures of the Office as well as hiring and supervising staff.  This position differs from Assistant Conflict Defender by virtue of the responsibility of coordinating and administering the legal activities of the Conflict Defender’s Office as opposed to solely acting as legal counsel.  General supervision is exercised over Assistant Conflict Defenders and clerical staff.  Does related work as required.

Minimum Qualifications


  1. The Conflict Defender shall be an attorney duly licensed to practice law in the State of New York and admitted to practice in all courts within the scope of the plan.
  2. The Conflict Defender must have at least ten (10) years of experience in criminal or family law.
  3. The Conflict Defender must have an ability to work with the judges, criminal lawyers, court administrators, and other persons within the criminal justice system. 
  4. The Conflict Defender must have an ability to effectively manage staff attorneys and other employees of the office.

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