Statement From Monroe County Executive Adam Bello

November 12th, 2021

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The City of Rochester is in crisis and has been for months. Gun violence is plaguing our streets, with the overwhelming number of the record 71 homicides in the city stemming from the presence of illegal guns. Families deserve better. Far too many are grieving the loss of a loved one from this senseless violence, while others are losing their loved ones to the legal system or to retaliation. This has to stop.

Numerous entities and community groups have been working tirelessly and providing resources in an effort to make an impact on this increase in violence. But for these efforts to be successful, they must be part of a larger effort – a citywide plan with clear objectives and increased resources for enforcement.

Since the outbreak of COVID 19 and the steep increase in violence in the city, Monroe County has provided:

  • Up to 700 hours a week of Sheriff’s patrols within the city;

  • Millions of dollars in increased mental health services and addiction services;

  • Increased violence prevention training for juveniles; and

  • Increased victim support services, including relocation for families experiencing violence, and programs for those aging out of foster care.

Monroe County’s increased violence reduction initiatives will pay dividends into the future. We will continue to work with the City of Rochester and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office as part of a clearly thought out operational plan.