Pace Car Pledge

By  providing the information below in order to receive a Neighborhood Pace Car Bumper Sticker for display, I pledge to:

  • Be aware of my speed and observe the speed limit;
  • Slow down near schools and other areas such as playgrounds, parks, residential streets where children are present
  • Always yield to pedestrians crossing the street
  • Come to a complete stop at stop signs and then look carefully before proceeding
  • Be courteous to bicyclists and other road users
  • Not tailgate
  • Not block walkways, bike lanes, or driveways when parking
  • Consider using alternate means of transportation and consolidate car trips to lessen traffic on residential streets
  • Display the Pace Car Bumper Sticker on my vehicle so other drivers know why I am driving courteously and at a safe speed
  • Encourage others to sign the pledge. The more Pace Car drivers, the safer our streets will become.

Once you've taken the pledge by providing the information requested, our staff will contact you to mail your sticker:

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