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Dinolfo Announces COMIDA Recommendations

Dinolfo Announces COMIDA Recommendations

With the final appointment to the COMIDA board having been confirmed by the County Legislature on July 12, 2016, County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo is announcing several recommended practices for adoption by COMIDA and its board.

“I want to thank Chairwoman Ann Burr for the good work COMIDA is doing as well as taking the time to work with me on these recommendations,” said Dinolfo.  “The goal of these recommendations is to establish improvement of the practices and procedures used by both the County and the agency as we work together on a shared mission of economic development in Monroe County.”

The recommendations being proposed are as follows:

·    Training of all new board members and provide annual training for existing COMIDA board members and staff as well as County employees involved in economic development;

·    Businesses receiving benefits of more than $1,000,000 be required to produce a 20% increase in jobs, double the current requirement;

·    Amending the COMIDA bylaws so that matters to be considered by the board shall be distributed to the board members no less than one week in advance of any scheduled board meeting unless a matter of urgency is determined by the board;

·    Posting on-line all agreements and PILOTS made by COMIDA on its website; and

·    Amending the COMIDA bylaws to institute term limits for board members.

On Tuesday, July 12, 2016, the first of these recommendations, a formal training session for new COMIDA board members, was held with County Executive Dinolfo and Deputy County Executive Thomas Vanstrydonck in attendance.  Attached are copies of materials provided to all participants.  An additional training session for the final board member appointed by the County Legislature is being scheduled.  Further training sessions will be conducted for the COMIDA staff and County employees who work closely with COMIDA in its economic development efforts.

Economic development in 2016 and in Monroe County has been strong and County Executive Dinolfo thanks prior Chairwoman Theresa Mazzullo and board members past and present, for their leadership and work on behalf of the residents of Monroe County.  County Executive Dinolfo is committed to continuing an open dialogue with COMIDA Chairwoman Ann Burr, as well as the full COMIDA board, and looks forward to the continued success of COMIDA and all economic development efforts.  

Download Press Release (pdf, 174.8k)