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Dinolfo Appoints Mark Funk As Conflict Defender

Dinolfo Appoints Mark Funk As Conflict Defender

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo today announced her selection of Mark Funk as the next Monroe County Conflict Defender. Funk is a local criminal defense attorney who has served on the Assigned Counsel Committee for the Conflict Defender’s Office.

"Mark Funk has vast experience in both criminal and family courts and a proven reputation of vigorously representing his clients. Mark will bring his expertise to the Conflict Defender's Office to ensure that clients are represented fairly and effectively," said Dinolfo. “I want to thank Judge Joanne Winslow and the Monroe County Bar Association for their work in screening candidates and for their ongoing support.”

The Monroe County Conflict Defender’s Office is a cooperative effort between the County and the Monroe County Bar Association (MCBA). Most indigent legal defense cases are handled by the Public Defender. When a conflict prevents representation by the Public Defender, the Conflict Defender’s Office receives the case. Mr. Funk will also serve as the administrator of the Assigned Counsel program which provides for representation by attorneys in private practice.

“I want to thank County Executive Dinolfo for giving me this opportunity to serve as the Conflict Defender,” said Funk. “The founders of this nation knew that due process for individuals charged with crimes included the right to counsel without regard of their ability to pay. Additionally, many important matters involving the rights of parents and children require competent representation in our family courts. The Conflict Defender’s Office is an integral part of our judicial system by providing legal representation to those who otherwise cannot afford it.”

Funk is an attorney with over 20 years of experience in criminal, Family and appellate courts. As a member of the MCBA’s Assigned Counsel Committee he already has an understanding of the responsibilities of the Conflict Defender’s Office.

Mr. Funk will replace Charles Noce, who served as our County’s Conflict Defender for the last six years.  Mr. Noce has retired after over thirty years of practice in our courts.

“I thank Chuck for his many years of service to Monroe County,” said Dinolfo. “This community has truly benefited from having such a dedicated public servant in the Conflict Defender’s Office. I wish him well in his retirement.”

Download Press Release (pdf, 118.5k)