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Dinolfo Unveils Sensory Room At Monroe Community Hospital

Dinolfo Unveils Sensory Room At Monroe Community Hospital

County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo today was joined by Monroe Community Hospital Executive Health Director Gene Larrabee to unveil ‘Serendipity Cove,’ a sensory room for residents at Monroe Community Hospital (MCH).

“Monroe Community Hospital is not a traditional long-term care facility, it is a home to our residents and a comfort to their families,” said Dinolfo. “Serendipity Cove is a perfect example of how the MCH staff go above and beyond to provide high-level care and therapy while enriching the lives of our residents. I thank the MCH Foundation and all of our partners who donated their time and resources to complete this great project.”

A sensory room is designed to help stimulate a person’s senses with movement, smells, music and lighting. Many long-term care facilities often lack sensory therapy where residents can take time to adequately process the experience. Additionally, many residents have complex medical conditions which can include difficulties in visual or auditory processing, a weakened sense of smell and limitations in mobility. At Monroe Community Hospital, Serendipity Cove embraces sensory enriching elements which residents may be missing.

Serendipity Cove is uniquely designed to include integrated therapeutic features which allow for an enhanced experience including more realistic imagery and physical elements. This room truly brings nature to residents who often do not always have the opportunity to enjoy natural scenery with each of their senses.

Serendipity Cove is made possible without the use of taxpayer funds. The Foundation at MCH provided a grant for the sensory room, photographer Grant Taylor donated the images of Oatka Park for the wall murals, ASC Graphics wrapped the walls and generously donated the labor, Forbo Flooring systems provided the flooring and Feller Wrap Supply donated over $10,000 worth of supplies.
Monroe Community Hospital is a fully certified residential health care facility, providing long-term care for individuals with complex health conditions requiring higher levels of medical and nursing care.

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