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Power Outage Safety Tips

Power Outage Safety Tips

Power Outage Safety Tips

• Carbon monoxide can kill. Homes should have a working battery-operated smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Also, keep any outdoor generator at least 20 feet from a door, window, or vent.

• If you have a working fireplace or wood stove with a safe flue and vent, use only dry, seasoned wood. Do not burn cardboard, plastic, or trash in your fireplace and keep other combustibles away from any heat source

• Preference should be given to using flashlights rather than candles due to the risk of fire danger.

• Check on your elderly neighbors, friends, and relatives

• Close your blinds/curtains to insulate the windows (reduce heat loss). Blankets can also be hung over windows. Place rolled up towels at the base of a front door or drafty door to keep heat in or cold out.

• Dress using loose layers of clothing and wear wool and/or thinsulate if you have it. Wear gloves under mittens or socks over gloves to keep extremities warm. Use hand warmers in gloves, footwear, or pockets. These are inexpensive to purchase and work fast.

• When navigating around your home in the dark, use particular caution on stairways and other uneven surfaces.

• To avoid freezing pipes, leave hot and cold water trickling in your faucets.