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Dinolfo Shares Important Tips To Help Beat The Storm

Dinolfo Shares Important Tips To Help Beat The Storm
Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo offered the following tips to help residents in our community protect themselves and others during this winter storm.


    · Residents should continue to avoid unnecessary travel. If you must travel, please use caution and drive slowly.

    · Use caution when leaving driveways and parking lots as snowbanks can block views of traffic and pedestrians.

    · Watch for children playing on snowbanks. They can be hidden from view as you drive around the community.


    · Periodically check on elderly neighbors to make sure they are safe during the snowstorm.

    · If you are shoveling outside, make sure to take breaks. Shoveling can be strenuous and can increase risk for heart attacks.

    · If you live nearby a fire hydrant and are able, please remove snow around the hydrant. This helps first responders respond quickly in case of a fire.

    · As snow builds up around homes, it is important to make sure that dryer and chimney vents are kept clear to prevent fires and gas build up.

    · When snow blowing your driveway, please be careful of fallen tree debris that may be buried under the snow.

For the latest updates, please stay tuned to local television and radio stations and visit the County Executive's Facebook ( and Twitter (@CherylDinolfo) pages, as well as the Office of Emergency Management's Facebook ( and Twitter (@MonroeCountyOEM) pages.

Download Press Release (pdf, 86.7k)