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Dinolfo Urges Caution During High Wind Warning

Dinolfo Urges Caution During High Wind Warning

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo is urging residents to use additional caution on Tuesday afternoon into the evening.

“Knowing what we know from the wind storm in March, it is possible that we will see downed trees and power lines leading to danger for our residents and motorists,” said Dinolfo. “While we will be monitoring the storm from the County’s Emergency Operations Center, it is important for residents to remain vigilant as these high winds arrive.”

The National Weather Service has issued a high wind warning that begins at noon and continues until 11pm. The warning expects sustained winds of 20-30 MPH with gusts of 55-60 MPH. Forecasters are concerned that saturated ground and shallow tree roots could lead to isolated power outages and downed trees causing risk of injuries to homeowners and motorists.

“The National Weather Service has issued a high wind warning beginning at noon today and continuing until 11pm.  Residents should monitor local television and radio for the most up-to-the-minute updates on conditions,” said Dinolfo.  “The County’s Office of Emergency Management is already monitoring the weather and is in contact with state, city, town and village officials and will provide additional guidance as warranted.”

In response to the high wind warning, County Executive Dinolfo and the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management offer these tips:
· High Profile Vehicles – use extra caution during high winds as these vehicles are especially prone to wind.
· Stay Informed – check the news for further emergency information and up-to-date information on weather conditions.
· Avoid Downed Power Lines – if power lines do come down, treat them as they are live and do not touch. If lines are smoking or sparking, call 911.

For the latest updates, visit the County Executive's Facebook ( and Twitter (@CherylDinolfo) pages, as well as the Office of Emergency Management's Facebook ( and Twitter (@MonroeCountyOEM) pages.

Download Press Release (pdf, 110.2k)