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Dinolfo Announces New Aftercare Services Program “Paths To Empowerment”

Dinolfo Announces New Aftercare Services Program “Paths To Empowerment”

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo was joined by Monroe County Department of Human Services Commissioner Corinda Crossdale and Rochester Rehabilitation CEO Mary Walsh Boatfield to announce Monroe County’s new aftercare services program, Paths to Empowerment. This program supports individuals making the transition from public assistance to self-sufficiency.

“Thanks to the partnership between Monroe County’s Department of Human Services and Rochester Rehabilitation, we have a new program designed to ensure that individuals who have recently left the public assistance system and gained employment stay on the path to self-sufficiency,” said Dinolfo. “Gaining employment is an incredible opportunity for individuals to provide financial stability for themselves and their family and we want to ensure that these individuals have the resources they need to stay employed.”

As part of the Paths to Empowerment program, the Monroe County Department of Human Resources and Rochester Rehabilitation will coordinate existing resources as well as community programs and resources to maximize success for individuals working towards employment retention. Paths to Empowerment utilizes evidence-based practices to provide resources such as family action self-sufficiency planning, job coaching, job placement, retention supports, financial literacy, drop-in childcare and career advancement planning.

“Monroe County residents deserve the best chance of success no matter what their economic or social background is,” said Dinolfo. “As County Executive, I am especially proud of this program to keep people in jobs that will support themselves, their family and ultimately our community.”

Paths to Empowerment will offer optional employment retention services for up to 6 months following discharge from the public assistance system. The program also offers a variety of ways to access resources including office visits, house calls and an informational hotline.

Download Press Release (pdf, 162.1k)