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Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo presented the final Monroe County Shared Services Plan to the public at the regularly scheduled October meeting of the Monroe County Legislature. The Plan was formulated by the Shared Services Panel, convened by Dinolfo as required by the County-Wide Shared Services Initiative established in the 2017-18 New York State Budget. The final Plan incorporates contributions from Monroe County, the City of Rochester, and local towns and villages to create efficiencies, increase cooperation, and save taxpayer dollars.

“Monroe County has always been a statewide leader in working with our local government partners to protect taxpayers – a commitment that continues stronger than ever today,” said Dinolfo. “After extensive preparation, we have produced a plan that will build on the strong foundation we laid previously for the sharing of services in our community. I thank our Shared Services Panel, which included representatives from every town, village, and city in Monroe County for their hard work and unanimous, bipartisan approval.”

The final Shared Services Plan identifies 62 existing shared services in Monroe County, already generating more than $33 million in savings each year. Examples of existing shared services include Monroe County’s Public Safety Training Facility, the City/County 911 Center, Consolidated Civil Service Administration, the Monroe County Central Library System and more. The Panel also developed forty new shared service agreements in the Plan, which are projected to produce over $7.2 million in savings annually. Examples of new shared services in the Plan include the dissolution of several Local Development Corporations (LDCs), the launch of a new municipal employee health insurance consortium and more.

“Our Plan identifies over 60 existing local shared services, generating $33 million in savings each year, or $44 for every man, woman and child in Monroe County. The Plan also develops 40 new shared services, which are projected to save $7.2 million annually,” said Dinolfo. “I am especially proud that the single largest source of new savings in our Plan also fulfils a promise I made to our community, as the dissolution of several LDC’s will save local taxpayers well over $2.4 million each year.”

The Shared Services Panel unanimously approved the Shared Services Plan at its final meeting on Wednesday, September 13. In accordance with the requirements of the County-Wide Shared Services Initiative, the Plan was transmitted to the New York State Division of the Budget on Friday, September 15. Prior to finalizing the Plan, the Shared Services Panel engaged in three workshops and later held three public hearings throughout Monroe County. The Panel also submitted the Plan to the Monroe County Legislature for review. A bipartisan majority of Legislators signed a letter in support of the Plan.

A copy of the final Monroe County Shared Services Plan is attached and is available to the public online at