Monroe County DOT Bridge Inventory

The purpose of this document is two-fold. First, it establishes the exact inventory of bridges and other larger drainage structures owned and maintained by the County Bridge Division. Second, it provides Engineers, inspectors, and planners with useful and accurate data needed for maintenance and upkeep of each structure. The Structure Identification Number, S.I.N., is devised to provide each drainage structure in Monroe County, including culverts, with a unique identification number, where as the New York State DOT devised Bridge Identification Number, B.I.N., does so only for bridges on the State’s inventory system, excluding culverts. 6”x12” green plates with S.I.N.s have been installed on all County owned and maintained structures.

Included in this inventory, are all County owned bridges on County Roads, Town Roads and City Streets. Also included, are bridges owned by others but partially maintained by the County (e.g. Expressway or Thruway Underpasses on County Roads). All reinforced concrete box culverts and concrete or stone arches on County Roads are also included. As well as, all major Pipe culverts on County Roads with diameters exceeding 4.0 feet and greater.

This document does not contain information on smaller cross culverts with diameters less than 4.0 feet and greater. Maintenance and inventory responsibility for those structures are assigned to the Monroe County DOT, Highway Division.

All information contained in this document is available in the Monroe County Bridge Inventory database (MCBI), maintained in SAP. The database was first created in 1990, originally using Paradox for Windows, and has been updated several times since.

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Updated: 3-28-2019