Pavement Preservation Principles

Monroe County maintains 660 centerline miles of roads that vary in nature from rural to urban. 

The general principle in pavement preservation is to perform the right treatment at the right time.  We extend the life of roads that are in good condition by applying the most appropriate low cost treatment.   Doing so at the proper time avoids more expensive paving and rehabilitation projects.

There are a variety of low cost pavement maintenance treatments that can be applied to our road system:

  • Microsurfacing
  • Oil & Stone (chip seals)
  • Hot in Place Recycling
  • Cold in Place Recycling
  • Thin Lift Overlays
  • Novachip
  • Fibermat

These maintenance treatments cost about 1/5 of the cost of asphalt repaving and rehabilitation. Since implementing this approach, we are seeing improvement in the overall condition of our road network in spite of reduced budgets and increased material and labor costs.