Monroe County Foreign Trade Zone

Monroe County Foreign Trade Zone #141 helps make importing and exporting easy and can save your company money.

In today's increasingly competitive environment, your business needs every possible advantage to succeed. That's why it makes sound business sense to consider conducting operations in Monroe County Foreign Trade Zone #141.

A foreign trade zone is a site within the United States designated by the Department of Commerce where foreign and domestic merchandise is considered to be in international commerce. Because a foreign trade zone is considered to be outside the Customs Territory of the U.S. foreign or domestic merchandise may enter this enclave without a formal Customs entry, or the payment of Customs duties or government excise taxes.

When a final product is exported from a foreign trade zone, no U.S. Customs duty or excise tax is levied. If, however, the final product is imported from the foreign trade zone into the U.S., Customs duty and excise taxes are due only at the time of formal entry into the U.S. The duty paid is the lower of that applicable to the product itself or its component parts. It's easy to see that a foreign trade zone provides opportunities for Customs duty savings. It also offers one of the most flexible methods of handling domestic and imported merchandise.

Types of Foreign Trade Zones:

  • General-purpose zones involve facilities that can be used by more than one firm. These typically consist of warehousing/distribution used by small-to-medium sized businesses for storage and some processing/assembly.
  • Subzones typically involve a single firm's site, used for more extensive manufacturing/processing or warehousing/distribution, which cannot easily be accomplished in a general-purpose zone.
  • While the benefits of participating in a Foreign Trade Zone vary depending on factors such as what your company imports, how long you hold that imported good, and what you do with that good, the savings could be significant and are definitely worth investigating.

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