Cooling Towers

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The term cooling tower means a cooling tower, evaporative condenser, fluid cooler or other wet cooling device that is capable of aerosolizing water, and that is part of, or contains, a recirculated water system and is incorporated into a building’s cooling process, an industrial process, a refrigeration system, or an energy production system.

New Statewide regulations require the registration, testing, inspection and certification of cooling towers.  There are over 600 cooling towers registered within Monroe County.

Program Highlights

  • Respond to inquiries regarding cooling towers.
  • Accept required notifications from cooling tower operators within Monroe County.

Online Information

Notification of Local Health Department

If you represent the owner of a cooling tower and wish to notify Monroe County of a Legionella test in excess of 1000 cfu, the following information should be sent by email to two email addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]

  • Concentration (cfu/ml)
  • Unique cooling tower equipment identification number (UID);
  • Date of Legionella culture sample;
  • Date of Legionella culture result;
  • Name and contact information of individual making report ;
  • Address of building/cooling tower; and
  • Brief statement of corrective actions taken.
Owners/operators need to repair any malfunctioning part(s), decontaminate and follow-up with additional sampling as indicated in Subpart 4-1 Appendix 4-A.