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Tanning Facilities

Beginning in 2011, indoor tanning facilities in New York must be licensed and inspected. In Monroe County, the Department of Public Health will oversee implementation of this new regulation.

To protect health and minimize risks associated with indoor tanning, operators must:

  • Prohibit individuals under 17 years of age from using tanning facilities.
  • Require signed parental consent for individuals between 17-18  years of age.
  • Provide printed information on risks of indoor tanning to all persons 18 and over.
  • Provide adequate instruction on use of UV equipment.
  • Provide protective eyewear to any patron who does not have their own.
  • Ensure that all UV devices are properly labeled, properly maintained, and operated in accordance with FDA guidelines.
Contact the Monroe County Department of Public Health at 753-5574.

NYS Guidance on Indoor Tanning Regulations

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