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Image of childAbout Early Intervention

Early Intervention (EI) is a voluntary developmental evaluation and services program offered by New York State and administered locally by the Monroe County Department of Public Health. The County EIP is subject to NYS regulations (see State for more information). EI serves children from birth through 2 years of age and their families where there is a high risk of delay, a suspected delay in development, or a confirmed diagnosis of developmental disability.  Evaluations are conducted to determine eligibility.  A variety of therapeutic and support services are offered to eligible infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families.  If a child is found not eligible, parents can request developmental monitoring

For more information call 585 753-KIDS.

Major provisions of the program include:

  • Identification and referral of children at risk or suspected of disability by primary referral sources
  • Periodic developmental screening and tracking of at risk children
  • Service coordination for eligible children and families
  • A multidisciplinary evaluation provided at no cost to parents to determine eligibility
  • Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSPs) for eligible children and families
  • Provision of early intervention services in the IFSP at no cost to parents
  • Delivery of services in natural settings in the community where children of the same age are typically found, to the maximum extent appropriate

The steps in the Early Intervention Process are: (see chart below)

  1. Referral
  2. Visit by the Initial Service Coordinator
  3. A multidisciplinary evaluation to look at the child’s functioning in five areas of development, including the area(s) of concern to determine eligibility
  4. The IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) meeting to develop a service plan
  5. Early Intervention services if the child is eligible
  6. Review after six months/evaluate annually
  7. Transition to Preschool Special Education (3–5) or to other early childhood services


graphic depicting steps in Early Intervention process


Early Intervention is administered locally by the Monroe County Department of Public Health.



All children birth through 5 will be supported and included within our community and will grow and develop to their highest potential. In addition, those children birth through 5 with suspected or confirmed developmental delays/disabilities and their families will be supported and included within our community.


The Mission of the Early Intervention and Preschool Special Education Programs is to:

  • identify and evaluate as early as possible those infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers whose healthy development is compromised
  • provide appropriate intervention based on family driven outcomes to improve child and family development
  • provide cost effective interventions
  • encourage solid parent-professional partnerships

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