COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments and Information

Individuals under 18 MUST have a parent/legal guardian with them to consent in person with acceptable ID - Driver's ID, Passport, State Non-Driver's ID, Medicaid Card (with photo), School ID (with photo), or Work ID (with photo). If applicable, please bring paperwork confirming guardianship and authority to consent for medical procedures.

For ages 5 and older, please click the appropriate link below to view a calendar of available dates, times, & locations and schedule a vaccine appointment at a Monroe County vaccine clinic or contact your primary care provider.

Monroe County Schedule & Appointments

Register For Bivalent Booster Age 12+

Register For 1st Dose Pfizer Age 12+

No other vaccine types/doses are available from Monroe County at this time 

Other Vaccination Providers

CDC Booster Eligibility Info | NYS Booster Eligibility Info | Immunocompromised 3rd Dose Eligibility

Please note, parents and guardians should contact their pediatrician or primary care provider to discuss vaccination options for children under 5 years old or click on the following links for information:

Additional Information Links