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Laborer Light

Attention: Monroe County full-time employees will receive a  $1,000 quarterly retention payment each quarter in 2024! Apply today - another great reason to join the Monroe County workforce!

Location: Rochester, NY
Title: Laborer Light
Deadline: July 1, 2023 5:00pm
Salary: $35,783 - $37,229 annually
Agency/Dept.: Human Services (Children's Detention Center)

Description of Duties

Laborer Light is a general title used for a variety of positions which are found in a number of departments.  These positions are similar because the duties performed are primarily of a manual and unskilled nature requiring physical endurance (stamina) and a willingness to do laboring tasks.  Individuals in this title may be required to do heavy manual work from time to time.  Work is performed under direct supervision.  Supervision of others is not a responsibility of this class.  Does related work as required.

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