Monroe County Department Of Public Health Announces Plan To Provide Safe Housing Option

March 28th, 2020

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The Monroe County Department of Public Health is pleased to announce the Clarion Pointe Rochester hotel, 2729 Monroe Ave., will serve as a safe housing option for people in mandatory quarantine or isolation.

The hotel’s 43 rooms are available for individuals who cannot complete a quarantine or isolation order where they currently reside. For example, individuals with an immunocompromised family member could be located here.

“As we find ways to help people during this difficult and uncertain time, it is reassuring to know that so many businesses in our community are eager to step up and do the right thing,” Deputy Monroe County Executive Jeffery McCann said. “I am so grateful to Clarion Pointe Rochester and all of our partners throughout the county who are providing critical services and supplies.”

McCann said the County has exclusive use of the Clarion Pointe for the next two months. The Monroe County Department of Public Health will provide full support to individuals residing at the hotel, monitoring their health and ensuring they have the food, medicine, security and other items needed for the duration of their stay. The County will ensure that vendors comply with all social distancing and other Public Health Department guidelines.

Monroe County will staff the hotel with security and Public Health Department personnel to ensure the individuals remain in safe quarantine in their rooms at all times. They will not be allowed to leave until their quarantine or isolation order expires. No visitors will be allowed in.  The County has also coordinated with law enforcement and public safety agencies serving the hotel. All of the individuals in the hotel will be Monroe County residents.