County Executive Adam Bello Continues Due Date Extension For Real Property Taxes

April 22nd, 2020

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With in-person payment of real property taxes still prohibited at Town and County facilities, the due date for installment payments will be extended to May 31, 2020 without interest penalties.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello will sign an Executive Order on Friday continuing the due date extension for the third and fourth installments of Town and County real property taxes from April 30, 2020 to May 31, 2020.

He will also continue to prohibit the in-person payment of real property taxes at all County and Town facilities through May 31.

“As the COVID-19 crisis continues, it is important to ensure that people don’t need to make unnecessary trips just to pay their property taxes,” said Bello. “This order will also help protect Town and County employees and make sure that residents don’t face financial penalties because in-person payments are prohibited.”

Monroe County will continue to absorb the third-party processing fee for online payments and the county will also hold steady the March 3% interest rate on installment payments until May 31.

Payments will continue to be accepted by mail, and a lockbox to accept payment has been installed at the County Office Building, 39 W. Main Street.