Statement From Monroe County Executive Adam Bello

August 25th, 2020

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Tonight, Monroe County Legislature President Dr. Joe Carbone failed our community once again by grinding legislation to a halt and choosing politics ahead of the needs of our community. Dr. Carbone’s politics of obstruction and chaos continue to prevent action on important matters that could have a lasting impact on countless residents across our community. This is the exact type of governing that Monroe County voters rejected during last year’s election.

At a time when many local governments and community partners are facing a deficit, the County Legislature failed to consider legislation that would provide $124 million to the county, city, towns, villages and school districts, to create a Department of Diversity Equity & Inclusion, enact independent redistricting, help fight our opioid crisis and provide benefits to low income women and children. All of this just two weeks after failing to confirm the appointment of a Board of Elections Commissioner.

Enough is enough.  Our community is facing too many challenges and demands a county legislature that acts on behalf of the people, and not politics as usual.