County Executive Bello Signs ATV Local Law

June 24th, 2021

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Monroe County Executive Adam Bello today signed legislation aimed at curbing the illegal use of dirt bikes and ATVs in Monroe County. 

The Operation of Off-Road Vehicles on Public Highways in Monroe County Local Law allows police officers to immediately impound any off-road vehicle being illegally operated on a public road. The law also mandates the use of a USDOT-approved helmet while riding an ATV within the county and sets forth requirements on how a vehicle may be retrieved from impoundment.  The penalty for an ATV being impounded under the Local Law is $500 for a first offense and a $2,000 fine for any subsequent offenses.

 “Over the past few months, the illegal use of dirt bikes and ATVs has been a growing concern in our community,” said Monroe County Executive Adam Bello. “Operating these vehicles on our neighborhood streets is disruptive for residents and dangerous for riders, pedestrians and other motorists. Tragically, two people have lost their lives in recent crashes related to these illegal dirt bikes and others have been seriously injured. This legislation gives our law enforcement partners another tool to help put an end to this illegal behavior.”

Under state law, it is illegal to operate a mini-bike, dirt bike, go-kart or golf cart on any street, highway, parking lot, sidewalk or other area in New York that allows public motor vehicle traffic.

The County law will take effect immediately after it is filed with the New York State Secretary of State, which will likely be in early July.